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Chris Perez

I create abstracted images that reference floral arrangements found on mundane objects. These items are commonly found in source material like rice cookers, pottery, and other cultural significant objects that speak to my Filipino heritage. It is also attributed to nostalgic imagery of past decorative features to household items. Drawing from this material I abstractly create my own interpretation, painting through a combination of intuition and real-life subject matter. As I paint, I allow an entry point for viewers to connect with my work, putting together a scenic dialogue like that of a landscape painting. I am drawn to expressions of whimsical mystery and movement, using spray paint I create fades and actions that pull from these factors. As scale increases, I try to capture larger than life movements with other tools that mimic a smaller scale brush. The aspect of public art and spatial awareness causes me to rethink and re-establish a perspective that can be accessed by all. Accessible and public art is a realm of beauty to itself as it allows the majority of viewers to take in visuals on a day-to-day basis. Mural work speaks to the public and as an artist I strive to create an ever-growing discord of people, places, and things we find beautiful in the world. 

Chris Perez is a Canadian based Filipino artist practicing in abstract painting and mural art. Perez pushes moments of arbitrary movement to create an inner dialogue with material and environment, like that of an abstract dance with painting. Perez's influences are derived from: street art, graffiti, murals, abstract art, and expressionist painting. He explores ideas behind personal and cultural identity using abstraction that touches on the aesthetics and shapes of florals. He primarily uses latex, acrylics, and spray paint as his main mediums. Chris is currently developing a series of artwork that revolves around public art and accessibility.

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448 Barton St. E

The ‘Anything is Possible on Barton’ exhibition is a neighbourhood wide art project that was selected for the Government of Canada’s My Main Street Community Activator program. This project is organized by the Barton Village BIA and funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the City of Hamilton. Thank you to the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the Canadian Urban Institute for supporting local communities and revitalizing our main streets.


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