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Mission Statement

Alongside our community and city partners, the Barton Village BIA is committed to improving the daily
experience of all business owners, residents, and community stakeholders through advocacy and
investment, strengthening the local economy and social fabric through initiatives that prioritize community,

safety, sustainability, and liveability.


To create “A village of passionate and creative business owners seeking economic revitalization while respecting historic place and community.”


2024 Board of Directors

Alice Plug - Buist

Helping Hands

Peter Mokrycke

Hendry’s Barbershop

Tijana Marshall

Honeybee Esthetics

Melissa McSweeney 

Hamilton Public Library

Brodie Dawson

Dawson's Hotsauce

Robert Iszkula 

Community Representative

Stephen Colville - Reeves
Vice Chair

Property Owner

Harry Stinson

Stinson Properties

Tyler Cowie 

Westinghouse HQ

Eric Muller

Barton Salumeria

Julia Forrester

Community Representative

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