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None of them knew they were Robots

Anthony Haley

“A depiction of co-existence and what it means for shaping the diversity of Barton Street”
Broken down Robots, long-forgotten relics of a past time being discovered and reawakened – a new life brought to them via the people of the village. This series combines the revival of what once was with the integration of what is, and what is yet to come. It looks at what could be construed as derelict by some and offers it the opportunity to be viewed in a new light.
This metaphor applies to many aspects of the Barton Village; the infrastructure, in particular, but also to those who call Barton their home, the wildlife and public spaces. All walks of life intersect on this street, and this series aims to explore what it means when we uplift and uproot our elements from the past and transition them into being meaningful and present foundations in our current world. With reference to antiquity, taking a look back and not forgetting the past that made this area once so vibrant.

Anthony “The Demon” Haley is a visual artists and emcee based out of Hamilton, Ontario. He has been shown in Galleries across Canada and the US. For awhile now Anthony has been going larger and larger scale with his paintings, doing murals in Hamilton, Huntsville, Burlington, and Niagara Falls. His graphic comic style approach to his works create a fun, bold and pop art like sensation for the viewer, often leaving a message to entice them a little more.

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648 Barton St. E

The ‘Anything is Possible on Barton’ exhibition is a neighbourhood wide art project that was selected for the Government of Canada’s My Main Street Community Activator program. This project is organized by the Barton Village BIA and funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the City of Hamilton. Thank you to the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the Canadian Urban Institute for supporting local communities and revitalizing our main streets.


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