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Be a Vendor


Date and Time
The Barton Village Festival is on Saturday, June 11th from 11am - 8pm.  Vendors can begin set up at 9am and must be off the road by 9pm.  

The Barton Village Festival occurs on Barton Street between Wentworth Street and Victoria Street.  

What we need:
The Festival needs a completed vendor application which includes a liability waiver.  Once approved, we will ask for the vendor fee and your business name for advertising purposes.  Priority will be given to local independent crafters and food vendors.   


For local sellers and crafters, there is a $95 vendor fee for a 10ft x 10ft area.   
For food vendors, there is a $295 fee and an additional application is required by public health.    
Payments can be made by e-transfer, cash or cheque.  

What you get:
Participating vendors get a space to promote their business and sell goods.   Your name will be included on promotional materials for the event.   The organizers are unable to provide water or electricity to our vendor locations.  

Feel free to email our vendor coordinator Jared at

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