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Sonny Bean

What makes a community? In times of flux and change, with things moving, coming in and out of focus. These 2 images ( originally 10)  are made up of multiple layers, touching on the intersections & complexities of our communities; The things we see and don’t see; The things that evolve and change; And how we are connected and overlap into each other to create the whole. 


The images themselves hint to Hamiltons past present and future:- the tiger, gardens being planted, ladders that reach for the stars and butterflies which for me are all about transformation. 


My work often has alot of movement in it, in the imagery used but also as it is often performed live, or shown in GIFF form.  I loved the idea of integrating themes of past and future, with the “Original” GIFF in the form of a lenticular. There are 2 images here, depending on the angle you look at the piece. And the 3rd, fractured image when you look head on, also brings up interesting ideas for me around transitions and community. 

Storyteller, Illustrator, performer, musician. Im a queer, mad identified artist based in Hamilton with a history of both wanted and unwanted migration. My work is interested in the stories we hold in our bodies, the stories we let go of, and the stories we choose to show. Rooted in community storytelling, my work touches one themes of disability, social and environmental justice, mental health, systemic violence, assumptions around gender, privilege, and power dynamics.


I love to work collaboratively and aim to produce art that is connected to community, time and space. My work is often playful, vibrant and I am always looking for new collaborations, and reimagining how my art can interact within a space and its

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669 Barton St. E

The ‘Anything is Possible on Barton’ exhibition is a neighbourhood wide art project that was selected for the Government of Canada’s My Main Street Community Activator program. This project is organized by the Barton Village BIA and funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the City of Hamilton. Thank you to the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and the Canadian Urban Institute for supporting local communities and revitalizing our main streets.


Please check out the other 14 installations HERE.

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